Jun. 6th, 2012 07:12 pm
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- buttopia is a 24 hour survival server
- the whitelist is turned on to keep jerks out, comment on this post or come yell at me in anon to have your username added
- if you have never been on multiplayer before the more important thing to know is probably that
    - the world doesn't pause when you enter the menu
    - sleeping in a bed will only skip night time if everyone online at the time is in a bed

the beautiful land of buttopia:

see that little plains island roughly in the middle of the image? that's where the spawn point is, also a whole lot on animals and trees for resource gathering. there's also a house that i made so people could stay in it but it turns out they can't, and also a house belonging to someone who i think has left bc her computer couldn't handle multiplayer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's covered in cake now

currently the only mod on the server is craftbukkit, with a few add-ons;
- mobcatcher, which allows mobs to be turned into spawn eggs + mob protection
- areaguard, which uses exp as a currency to 'buy' land
-sortal, a sign-based teleportation system
- one that makes wood easier to harvest (i think it's called timber?), which means when a tree is cut down using an axe (only when using an axe) the rest of the wood blocks above the cut will fall down to be collected.

i also did.. something that stops creeper explosions from destroying blocks but i dont remember what that was.

currently we're hosted by daddycheese.com, idk how many people to expect so i just bought the cheapest option which allows 6 people online at a time. if we need more i'll upgrade it i guess, but if it gets too high i might need people to contribute towards the bill if they want more slots. rent is currently payed until 17/7.


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